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Electrically reclining seats, just like in business class!

Includes Japanese style head massage.

Pricing Promise

Quote before cut 

it's always clear how much the visit will cost.


Tailored pricing, no overcharging

We only charge for the work we perform. This is the reason for our detailed prices which, where relevant are broken down by length and by style. This is how we guarantee that you'll never pay over the top.

Hair Styling

Shampoo & Blowdry                                      $40~$50     by length

Extra Curling / Straightening                       +$10-20

Shampoo & Set                                               $45

Updo                                                                 $70~$100   by style

High School Formals                                      $60~$90     by style

Ladies Cut & Shampoo

Shampoo, Cut & Blowdry                              $70~100        by style

Fringe Cut Only                                                $10

Men's Cut & Shampoo

Shampoo, Scissors Cut & Finish                   $50

Shampoo & Clippers Cut                               $40       by style


Year 6 and Under                                            $25-35

Year 7 to 12                                                      $30~45       by length


100% Shiseido Fuente Head Spa                 +$30

Express Wella Hair Treatment (10mins)     +$10

Full Shiseido Hair Treatment (30mins)       +$20~40        by length


Colour Tint (includes Shampoo & Blowdry)

T-zone & Faceline Regrowth              $70~90      by length and thickness

Regrowth                                              $90~105    by length and thickness

Full                                                       $100~145   by length and thickness

Special:  With Colour Streaks          +$30~50      extra 10~20 foils

Special:  With Cut                              +$55~65      by style

Colour Foilworks (includes Shampoo & Blowdry)

T-zone & Faceline Foils                      $90~120    by length and thickness

Half                                                     $120~150    by length and thickness

Three-Quarters                                 $130~160    by length and thickness

Full                                                      $140~170    by length and thickness

Foils a la carte                                              $10    per foil

Cap Streaks                                       $130~150    by length and # streaks

Toner                                                     +$20-55    by length and thickness

Special:  With Cut                               +$55~65    by style

Perm (includes cut)

Wave/Curl (choice of Goldwell / Shiseido)    $150~210    by length and thickness

Shiseido Crystallizing Straight (Regrowth)    $230~320    by length and thickness

Shiseido Crystallizing Straight (Full)           $260~370    by length and thickness

Events & Occasions

Bridal Updo                                        Ask for a quote

Gift Vouchers                                     Gifts come with a free

                                                             Express Wella Hair Treatment

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